Mission and Services

Karen Liu, principal of TJ Spark Joy specializes in decluttering and tidying lessons using the KonMari Method™, a wildly popular and effective Japanese tidying method created by Marie Kondo, New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. As a Certified KonMari Consultant, my goal is to provide you with truly life-changing and transformational experiences through KonMari tidying lessons. I hope to help you discover and keep what sparks joy in your life and let go of things that don't. By understanding your ideal lifestyle, together we can create a customized plan that works for you. We will figure out ideal organizational and storage solutions for your home after we have finished letting go. Whether you have read the book and tried KonMari tidying on your own or starting out from the very beginning, I am happy to help. Let's begin your tidying journey today!

Common Questions

How do your sessions typically work?

First of all, the KonMari tidying journey is a very personal one. There is no set number of hours or sessions that one has to follow, but my sessions typically last 3-5 hours.  The number of sessions it takes to complete your tidying journey depends on your tidying goals and envisioned lifestyle. In addition, the process will depend on the number of belongings you have, your time commitment and determination. Tidying your entire home or space may take 3-6 sessions or maybe even 7-10+ sessions. While tidying is a personal journey, one thing that we do recommend is following a specific order of tidying: clothing, books, papers, komono or miscellaneous, and sentimental items.

Our sessions are filled with encouragement and support and not any judgment. The ultimate decision to keep or discard is entirely up to you!

What if my partner or family member in the home is not on board to tidy? Will I still be able to achieve success?

 Don't worry! Once again, tidying is a very personal journey.  Each individual has his or her own definition or standard of what sparks joy. But by taking the initial step of tidying your own belongings, you will be able to create a more organized personal space and a life less stressful. When you have achieved your own KonMari tidying success, naturally other family members will be inspired to follow! 

Do I need to purchase special storage systems?

Not really! The magic of KonMari is being able to organize without having to buy fancy storage systems. You may be surprised that often times, you already have boxes or containers in the home that will work well for storage. But, after we have finished the tidying process, you may seek out additional storage solutions that truly spark joy for you.

Do you help organize office spaces?

Yes, we can definitely tidy office spaces. The process to tidy would be the same as a home, by order of categories. For example, if you would like to organize office supplies in your office, then we will have finished tidying clothes, books and papers. 

When can we get started?

Please contact me for a free phone consultation. Don't delay putting your house in order any longer!

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My inspiration

Does it spark joy?

YES! Helping others organize sure sparks joy!


To find our more about how KonMari sessions work, click on the VIDEO below!