Wife and mother of two, San Francisco:

"I have tried organizing my home many times in the past, but nothing worked long term. Her gentle, caring, patient nature which was non judgmental and encouraging, gave me the confidence to try getting my home and life in better order. Working with Karen was like being inspired and guided by a life coach. It's incredible how after purging and decluttering items, a burden is lifted so you free up time and space to do what you identify as important in your life.  I can't thank Karen enough for her incredible gift. She has helped me in more ways than I would have imagined. Thank you Karen!"

Husband and father of two, San Francisco:

"You are such a heroic worker!  You are a godsend for my wife and I because we would never be able to make it without you."

Husband and father of two, Oakland:

"I had a great time tidying with Karen.  It was fun—which was surprising since it is also a daunting task.  The KonMari method has changed my space and my life, and Karen has helped guide me there.  She has been great to work with in every aspect:   responsive, professional, and flexible in arranging our tidying sessions.  When she works with me on the tidying, it is clear she is a great collaborator and facilitator, and that the reason she enjoys this work is that she has a real talent and inclination for helping others.  I highly recommend Karen and the KonMari approach."

Retiree, San Francisco:

"Wanted to thank you for your time and energy. It was an eye opening experience!"